Why your next trip to a petrol station will leave you teary eyed

Why your next trip to a petrol station will leave you teary eyed

Petrol and diesel prices were once again hiked today as the country continues to suffer the impact of depreciating Indian rupee and rising global crude oil price. The price of petrol has been hiked 16 paise today, taking it to almost Rs 87 in Mumbai. It is retailing at Rs 79.31 in Delhi compared to Rs 79.15 yesterday. The double whammy has hit fuel prices across states depending on various tax levies and cess imposed there.

The rising petrol prices in different parts of the country are drawing the ire of people who blame the government for not being able to control fuel price hike.

Petrol price in different cities, according to goodreturns.in

Diesel price was also hiked by a 15-29 paise, varying across different cities and states. Diesel is retailing at Rs 71.34/litre in Delhi today in comparison to Rs 71.15/litre on Monday. The highest rise in diesel was witnessed in Kolkata, with diesel price rising 29 paise to Rs 74.29/litre. People in Patna are currently paying the highest rate for diesel at Rs 77.10/litre, while citizens in Trivandrum are paying the second-highest rate of Rs 76.50/litre.

In Mumbai, diesel is retailing at Rs 75.74/litre while in Chennai the rate has gone up 15 paise to Rs 75.39 for a litre.

Diesel price in different cities, according to goodreturns.in 

The BJP-led NDA government is under extreme pressure to find a solution to the country’s fuel woes, as India is the third highest importer of crude oil.

Notably, fuel prices have been on the rise in the country since August 16 as the value of the rupee weakened against the dollar.
Petrol and diesel prices have climbed significantly within a fortnight last month. The rise in global oil prices are likely to drag India’s Current Account Deficit (CAD) as it imports 80 per cent of its crude from foreign sources.

In the wake of constant rise in prices, the Congress Party has been demanding bringing petrol and diesel under the ambit of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).



Source:- zeebiz