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why Google made a doodle to remember this Feminist Writer,know here

why Google made a doodle to remember this Feminist Writer,know here

Virginia Woolf's 136 Birth Anniversary: ​​Learn why Google made a doodle to remember this Feminist Writer

New Delhi: Google Doodle remembers Virginia Woolf on the 136th Birth Anniversary, she was a great writer, and she had lots of films on her stories. Virginia Woolf’s 136 Birth Anniversary Google has celebrated a doodle. In the field of literature as much as Virginia, Famous is in the film world because there are many films made on their books. Google dedicates today’s own doodle to the English great writer Writer Wurf (Virginia Woolf). Google has made its doodle entitled Virginia Woolf’s 136 Birth Anniversary. Virginia wolfIs considered to be one of the leading modernist of the twentieth century. The original name of Virginia Wolf was Adeline Virginia Wolf. He was born on January 25, 1882 in London. His studies took place in King’s College London and he was one of the first people to raise voice about women’s higher education.

He had his childhood whipped up the English classics and the Victorian literature completely. But Virginia began writing in 1900. His first novel ‘The Voyage Out’ was published in 1915. This novel was printed by her husband Leonard Wolf’s publication Institute Haugarth Press. Among his best novels, ‘Mrs. Dellowey (1925)’, ‘To the Lighthouse (1927)’, ‘Orlando (1928)’ is especially recognized. He also wrote a long essay ‘A Room of Once On’, in which he had said that if women are to write fiction, then the woman should have her own money and room.

These books have been made on the film
‘Orlando’, a film made in 1992 by the film Wirginia Wolf, in which Tinda Swillon had worked. The film was directed by Sally Potter and it has a rating of 7.2 on IMDB. Not only this, the film has also become a ‘Mrs Delloway’. This film, which was made in 1997, was very fond of it and it was also called the best movie. Many of his stories were engraved on TV. Working on Post Letters on ‘Vita and Virginia’ is underway on their letters.

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