This is how smart customers beat petrol, diesel price hikes

This is how smart customers beat petrol, diesel price hikes

Each coming day there is no relaxation seen in the price of petrol and diesel. The rise of fuel prices in India has been the outcome of soaring crude oil prices and depreciating rupee. OMCs like HPCL, BPCL and IOCL have no option but hike fuel prices as government has ruled out excise duty cut and states have been reluctant in easing Value Added Tax (VAT).

Interestingly, looks like many customers have found ways to help themselves save the situation somewhat even as petrol and diesel prices stay at all-time highs. Arvind Prabhakar, CEO, said, “The ever Increasing cost of fuel is burning holes in every pocket.  But smart customers have been using loyalty points as a way to beat the price hike.”

As per Prabhakar, it may be  by becoming part of a Coalition Loyalty Program like Payback in which every time you fill fuel at any HP petrol pump you get  1 payback point which is equal to INR 0.25 which then can be redeemed to purchase fuel or across more than 100 plus brand’s or to buy gift voucher of 130 brands.”

“To that extent even petrol companies realize the importance of having a loyalty program like BPCL, which has two different programs for retail users and bulk users. Under this, once you become member you earn points on ever purchase may at be fuel , lubricants etc. and the points can be used to get free fuel or to purchase vouchers,” adds Prabhakar.

Today, petrol prices was increased between 27 paisa to 30 paisa, whereas diesel prices surged in the range of 22 paisa to 24 paisa across India.

A litre of petrol in New Delhi was available at Rs 81.28 (from previous Rs 81), while the city Kolkata has now touched a new high of Rs 83.14 (from previous Rs 82.87). Further, in Mumbai, a litre of petrol price stood at Rs 88.67 (from previous Rs 88.39) just few paise away from touching a new mark of Rs 89. Lastly, Chennai was selling a litre of petrol at Rs 84.49 (from Rs 84.19).

Meanwhile, a litre of diesel was valued at Rs 73.30 (from previous Rs 73.08) in New Delhi, while in Kolkata at Rs 75.15 (from previous Rs 74.93), in Mumbai at Rs 77.82 (from previous Rs 77.58) and in Chennai at Rs 77.49 (from previous Rs 77.25). Looking at the trend of hike, days are not far away when you will be paying Rs 78 per litre for purchase of diesel in Mumbai.



Source:- zeebiz